Need a Writing Coach?

Stephanie Suggs also provides editing and writing coach services.

Editing Services

Level One: Line editing, simple grammar and punctuation suggestions. $3.00 per 250 words.

Level Two: Line editing, minimal content critique and basic coaching via email. $8.00 per 250 words.

Level Three: Line editing, full content critique and coaching support via email. $20.00 per 250 words.

Coaching Services

With a Work-In-Progress:

If you have a work-in-progress, or need academic coaching for specific assignments, see pricing above, plus $85 per hour via phone or in person for assistance with idea generation, character development, plot development, structure, etc.

Without a Work-In-Progress:

If you do not have a work-in-progress and would like to develop your skills, I offer a weekly coaching package. $175/week coaching package includes:

~ A one-hour coaching session in person or via phone to determine expectations and/or current needs.

~ An assignment designed to meet your needs and develop skill(s).

~ Email support if you need additional help getting started or you get stuck.

~ Constructive and encouraging feedback on completed assignment via email.

*****Discount bundles available*****

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