Strategic Plan

Atlanta Community Holistic Arts Center is in the early stages of becoming a nonprofit organization. We envision bringing this organization to life through three strategic stages:

Stage One includes programming we can do now, without a building, by creating partnerships and borrowing spaces.

Stage Two is programming we can do with space, some income, a few volunteers, and our existing network.

Stage Three is programming we can do with ideal space, paid staff, sustainable income, time, lots of volunteers, and the cultivation of new and innovative community partnerships.

Staffing Plan:

Stage One:

2 Co-Directors, unpaid volunteers

Stage Two:

2 Co-Directors, part-time salary

Business Manager, part-time salary

Stage Three:

2 Co-Directors, full-time salary

Business Manager, full-time salary

Development Director, full-time salary

Pastoral Counselor/Therapist, full-time salary

Case Manager, full-time salary


Programming Plan:

For details, please see the submenu under the Strategic Plan tab.