Community Art Spaces

Stage Two

Open Studio: for two-dimensional arts, with several stocked workspaces

Wet Room: for paper/dye/fiber/print/clay arts

Movement Studio: for yoga, tai chi, dance, labyrinth and other movement/meditation arts

Meditation Room: small, quiet space for individuals or small groups

Practitioner Rooms: two or three rooms for practitioners of massage, therapy, Reiki, etc. to meet with individuals

Studio Market: consignment sales of arts and crafts, music, books, etc. created in relation to the center. 70/30 split between artist and ACHAC, with artists volunteering some hours to run the shop; 60/40 if not volunteering.


Stage Three

Community Garden: for dye and paper plants, herbs, and vegetables

Exhibition Space: for community artists, classes, Fellows, etc.

Semi-private Studios: two or three for Fellows, art therapists, and music therapists

Community Theater: black box style for dramatic and musical arts

Recording Studio: for local musicians and vocal artists

Dark Room: for photography arts